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  3. Classic.

    1. No thanks, thanks tho.
    2. 80% match 9% enemy? Really OKC? 
    3. I’ll probably meet him in a Rite Aid or Superfresh in like 6 years and fall in love and marry him, never ~truly~ knowing why a stranger’s face should look so familiar.
    4. Just kidding no one meets their future husband at a Rite Aid or a Superfresh.

  4. Frankenstorm

    The overly hyped weather system that local newscasters and moms have been loyally fear mongering for the past 4 days needs to chill. I bet it’s going to rain hard for 3 days and I’ll regret that moccasins and sandals are my only items of footwear but I don’t believe that it’s going to be terrifying.

    Also, maybe I’m channeling my inner tween too hard but I’m sick of people telling me what to do. You know what I’m not gonna do?

    1. Fill my bathtub up with water. No. This is not happening. This sounds like a huge waste of water and a safety hazard for my cat. Also my bathtub didn’t come with a tub stopper. Who am I the queen?
    2. Consider boiling water before drinking it if shit gets crazy. Trust me, if it gets to the point where I need to consider boiling water before drinking it I will drive to my mom’s house and drink her boiled water or die trying. 
    3. Stock up on water. I actually bought a six pack of water at Rite Aid today and I felt disgusting about it. Like, I am officially buying into the hype. I would love to return it, and it wouldn’t really be that inconvenient to do so because it is only LIGHTLY RAINING.

    You know what I am gonna do though?

    1. Buy mad non perishables. Jokes on you Sandy, the only food I buy is non-perishables. If I had to live off of cheez-its for a week I would call it the week that was like every other week of my adult life.
    2. Park everywhere I want for as long as I want. Free parking for the rest of our lives until Thursday, y’all! 
    3. Hunker down. This actually perfectly describes what I do anyway on Sundays so like, no sweat off my back.

    In conclusion, Frankenstorm can suck a D. Although there is a very good chance that by Tuesday I will look like this:

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  7. fantasy football career is over.

    Up next - a career as a degenerate gambler. NFL betting lines

  8. Internet-themed art collective Forced Meme Productions (dang, that’s some self-aware branding going on) and the feline meme curators of Tumblr are joining forces for ca$hcats.biz, an art exhibition at the DUMBO Loft in Brooklyn on September 6th. The theme of the exhibition, whose poster features a brightly-colored cat lounging on a pile of cash, is “how the one purr-cent live.” Inspired by Tumblr cashcats.biz, a blog which sports 27 pages’ worth of images of cats, stacks and occasionally, gats, Portland-based artist Lisa Hildebrant began painting cats in response to the site’s themes and images, and the gallery show is accepting new submissions. Although CashCats the blog is mostly photography-based, organizers of the show encourage “C$C$-themed ink/watercolor, neon, stained glass, interactive, taxidermy, maybe some limited edish jean jackets.


    Cats Rule Everything Around Me, Including Art Exhibitions and Film Fests, Apparently - BlackBook

    :) :) :) :) :)

  9. general thoughts on step by step

    step by step family photo

    Step by Step, the 90s family sitcom about the modern American family is often just an afterthought in the conversation of 90s family sitcoms, dominated by the brilliance of shows like Full House, Boy Meets World, Growing Pains (was that 80s or 90s?), etc.

    But personally, Step by Step was a very influential television show in my childhood. Not only do I think often (bi-weekly at least) of the theme song and opening credits but I also often think about 3 specific moments in Step by Step history where reality was suspended in a way that even I, as a small, naive ginger child, did not always believe.

    1. THE POOL HALL EPISODE: The episode where Mark for some reason accompanies Cody and maybe JT to a pool hall full of ROUGH NECKS. For whatever reason Cody and these rough necks and maybe JT decide to play pool. Well I honestly am blanking on the set up but what essentially happens is Mark uses his geometry skillz to become an instant pool shark, recognizing that pool is all about angles and trajectory or something. I am going to have to call bullshit on this because being good at pool is way less about angles to me and more about, oh I don’t know, not playing it for the first time when you are 14 years old.

    2. THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE EPISODE: The episode where Dana can’t afford to go to a private college so she goes to community college with Cody and she gets an F or a D on her paper and Cody gets an A. I have always raised an eyebrow at the supposed genius Dana not transitioning well from honors high school classes to an introductory college english class and to be honest, my own introductory college english class really proved my suspicions to be true. I think she would have been fine.

    3. THE BLACK ACID WASHED JEANS EPISODE: I am really impressed that I remembered so many character’s names but I am blanking on the oldest of Suzanne Somers’ brood - her name might have been Claudia? Anyway, in one episode she tries to button and zip up a pair of (might I add super fly) black acid washed jeans and they are so tight Alex uses a pair of plyers to get the zipper up. I am not going to get into my own experiences with trying to button a pair of pants that are too tight but let’s just say the button is really 95% of the battle and you would never need plyers to help zip your jeans up.

    Anyway, these small flaws aside, we should all really give respect to what is essentially the 90s version of the Brady Bunch. Looking back at their cast photo I have to admit I completely forgot that youngest boy existed. I don’t really remember his circumstances. I guess he was part of the father’s crew.